Client Registration FAQ

Q1: What are the benefits of registering on T.J. McCarthy & Associates' website?

Registered members have access to real time status information on all appraisals associated with their account. Depending on the member's profile, status information may be viewed for appraisals listed under the same Corporate Lender, Individual Broker or even Processor. In addition to viewing current statuses, each member will have full access to view any uploaded documents associated with each appraisal along with corresponding detailed notes.

Q2: Once I am a registered as a member of this website, how do I access appraisal status information?

Getting started is easy. After registering online to join our member list you will be emailed when your account is activated. The email will contain valid login criteria. Simply type in your username and password along with your profile type in the upper left hand blue box on your browser. Upon logging in your appraisal status information will become readily available by clicking on the Appraisal Status link in the navigational menu.